Nogoa Trail: Construction Stage 1

Central Highlands Regional Council (Apr-Jun 2020)

Phoenix Onsite Project Manager: Stewart Cowe, Managing Director

The Nogoa Trail is a 7 km Class 3 shared recreational trail composed of two sections, one south and one north of the Vince Lester Bridge in Emerald. The scope of this project was confined to Construction Stage 1, which encompassed the entire proposed southern trail network and Stage 1 of the northern trail, running closely adjacent to the Nogoa River.

The project included construction of the proposed walking trail, fencing, gateways/barriers, and other features such as rest areas and trail signage.

The scope of works set out below was completed in accordance with the drawings and specifications included in the contract.

With the trail pre-marked by Council, Stewart identified areas that could be redesigned and negotiated with Council resulting in significant cost savings.

Notably the project was located in an easily accessible area to the public so a variety of provisions were necessary to restrict entry, such as appropriate signage and barricades. Unauthorised vehicles, pedestrians, mountain and motor bike users were courteously escorted off site for their safety in a professional manner. Spotters were used while machinery was in operation for the safety of visitors (authorised and unauthorised) and for the protection of existing environmental and cultural sites (Scar Trees) and any new potential findings.

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