Goldfields Trail Repairs & Maintenance

Qld Parks & Wildlife Service (Oct-Nov 2020)

Phoenix Onsite Project Manager: Stewart Cowe, Managing Director

Goldfields Track, in the Goldsborough Valley section of Wooroonooran National Park is about 9km in length, following some of the historical gold fields and old logging and Forestry tracks.

Parts of this track were likely to have been used by traditional owners prior to European settlement, and presently serves as an important access to Aboriginal cultural sites for current traditional owners. It is a formed track with numerous causeways, pipe heads and culverts. This track is to the east, and mostly parallel to the Mulgrave River.

Because it is located in a high rainfall area, parts of the track and associated infrastructure had been damaged by past major flooding events. As well as directly impacting on the track and associated infrastructure, the deterioration in parts, were quite likely affecting water quality in the Mulgrave River and adjoining streams.

The project took 5 weeks to complete and was completed in November 2020.

The rectification works included, but was not limited to:

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