Queensland National Parks

Department of Environment and Science (2018-2020)

Phoenix Onsite Project Manager: Stewart Cowe, Managing Director

Phoenix has established a collaborative working relationship with the local National Parks team, having successfully completed an assortment of projects since 2018 in remote areas such as Daintree, Mt Lewis, Mt Windsor, Mt Spurgeon and Bump Track, an iconic multipurpose recreational trail.

Works have involved a wide range of duties comprising of general maintenance and clearing of trails and tracks from fallen trees and landslides. Works on the unsealed roads include profile reshaping and general repairs and improvements. Such enhancements include drainage in the form of upgraded or extra whoa boys / rollover banks and mitre drains to slow the water movements to lessen the erosion problems.

Other projects have included improving water runoff by way of cleaning and upgrading drains which tend to block up with excessive leaf and branch debris.

Phoenix has also repaired several earth slips at Mt Windsor which involved cutting the road back and rock pitching a new bank with large rocks. Geo-fabric was also introduced to seal off the rock wall from any erosion. The top section of the road was then finished off so as to divert water away from the wall to a more suitable area.

The remoteness and highly sensitive ecological nature make working in these areas very challenging so all care must be taken in regards to safety and environment.

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